Friday, January 12, 2018

Veg Box News 16th - 19th January, 2018

Here we are settling back into something like a routine after the Christmas hiatus - (which reminds me I must get my tree down! - I know, right, the mischievous sprites will start throwing the decorations off.)

Potatoes - 1.2kg
Carrots 600g
Onions 500g
Sprout tops
Sprout tops are delicious shredded and stir-fried, or lightly steamed
Tuesday/Wednesday - Swede
Thursday/Friday - Parsnips
Courgettes 400g
Leeks 600g

B's will get Fennel instead of the potatoes
D's will get a further 800g Potatoes and some Sweet Potatoes
E's will get a Lettuce
L's and M's will get the above additions and a Squash

Apples - Russets 600g
Bananas 600g
Kiwis 500g
Oranges 600g
Clementines 500g
A Lemon

Q's will also get a Grapefruit and some Pears.

Interesting news from the shop floor...

We are always trying to consider the environmental impact of our business and with a view to cutting down on plastic packaging we switched to paper pulp punnets, last year, to use in the fruit and veg boxes.  Some things arrive in the shop already in plastic bags and it is unlikely that we would be able to stop plastic use altogether, but we are happy to have these bags back if you can't reuse or recycle them yourself.  We use the services of  We are also in the process of sourcing larger, sturdier paper bags for use with the delivery side orders.

We are now offering the Ecoleaf Refill service in the shop.  We are of course very short of space in the shop so we have installed our large bulk containers down in the cellar but just bring your empty bottles in and the elves down there will magically refill them for you.  

We'll be offering refills for Ecoleaf Washing up Liquid, Ecoleaf Laundry Liquid and Ecoleaf Fabric conditioner.  And of course the refills offer great reductions on buying the products off the shelf.

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