Beanies and Plastic

Beanies and Plastic

The growing problem of plastic pollution in the environment is a global issue but we at Beanies recognise that, in partnership with our customers and suppliers, we have a part to play in reducing plastic consumption.

Over recent years we have taken steps to reduce our use of plastic wrappers, polythene bags, plastic punnets etc.

·        We now no longer sell plastic carrier bags but offer sturdy, reusable cloth bags or cardboard boxes for customers to carry home their purchases. Where possible we use paper bags or boxes for customer orders.
·        For the most part we opt to sell our products 'loose' so that customers can purchase the quantity that they need, free from excessive packaging. This also reduces food wastage.

But we are also aware that a lot of resources go into the growing of food, and plastic wrapping is sometimes necessary to preserve produce in pristine condition.  So where it comes to us pre-packaged we aim to dispose of plastic waste in appropriate and responsible ways, recycling where possible. We have our recyclables - plastics, paper and cardboard - collected by local company Recycling Revolution while food waste goes to local organic growers for composting.

We aim to keep abreast of new products and initiatives. We stock recycled plastic products and have recently started offering Ecoleaf refills allowing for the multiple use of bottles.

Plastic is not going to go away, and pollution is certainly a global problem, but we believe the solution lies as much with us as individuals addressing our own relationship with plastic and adjusting our behaviour where we can, as well as bringing pressure to bear on producers and manufacturers.

Awareness of the problem is the first step.  We are looking to turn awareness into positive action.

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