Organic Produce Pricelist - February 2018

Kohl Rabi Spain
1.68 EA
Aubergines Spain
5.90 kg
Leeks UK
3.60 kg

Lettuce, Large Batavia France
1.88 EA
Beetroot, Loose UK

1.68 kg

Beetroot, Cooked
1.18 EA
Mushrooms UK
Mushrooms, Shiitake
6.90 kg
20.50 kg
Beanshoots, Alfalfa & Sprouted Seeds
1.68 EA

Broccoli SP
Broccoli PSB UK
4.90 kg
6.90 kg
Onions, Brown UK
Onions, Red UK
1.68 kg
2.58 kg
Brussel Sprouts UK
Brussel Tops UK
2.98 kg
1.38 EA

CABBAGE Hard Red & White
1.78 kg
Parsnips UK
1.98 kg
Cabbage Pointy/Savoy/Jan K UK
Cabbage Spring Greens UK
1.48 EA
1.48 EA
Peppers, Bell & Pointy
Peppers, Mini Sweet
5.98 kg
12.50 kg
Cauliflower All UK
1.98 EA
Potato, all ‘Old’ UK
Potato, ½ sack UK
Potato, sack UK
Potato, Pink Fir Apple
85p kg
9.00 EA
17.50 EA
1.58 kg
Carrots, Dirty UK
Carrots, Washed/Rainbow UK
1.58 kg
1.78 kg
Pumpkin Matts slicing

1.60 kg
Celeriac UK

1.98 kg

Radicchio Italy

5.90 kg
Celery Spain

1.88 EA

Salad bags, Local/UK
Salad Loose, Local
1.95 EA
15.90 kg
Chicory Dutch/FR

8.90 kg

7.50 kg
Rainbow/Swiss France/UK
Chard, Pre Pack UK
4.90 kg
1.80 EA
Spinach Beet Loose Local
Spinach Beet (Bagged) UK
5.90 kg

1.80 EA
Chillies, Red Dutch/Italy
11.90 kg
Squash, Butternut Spain
Squash, All other Asstd UK

2.30 kg
2.30 kg

Swede UK/Local
1.40 kg

Courgettes (all) Spain/France

5.98 kg

Sweetcorn (prepack) France
2.78 EA
Cucumbers, Large Hol/Sp
Cucumbers, Mini Hol/Sp
1.98 EA
4.95 kg
Sweet Potato Spain
2.88 kg

Fennel Hol/Italy/Spain

3.98 kg
Tomato Plum Sp
Tomato Round Sp
Tomato Vine Sp
Tomato Cherry Plum & Noir Sp
Tomato Cherry Vine Sp
Tomato Punnets, Sp
3.90 kg
3.50 kg
5.50 kg
8.30 kg

8.30 kg
2.28 EA
Garlic, Dried Spain
7.90 kg

5.90 kg
Turmeric Fresh Peru
16.90 kg
Herbs Asstd UK local
Herbs Coriander UK local

1.28 EA
1.28 EA

Turnips Loose Local/UK

1.90 kg
Kale Loose, All Varieties UK
Pre-Packed UK
4.90 kg
1.58 EA

Lemons Spain

2.98 kg

Apples: All UK/Italy
Apples: Juice                
3.58 kg
2.98 EA
Limes Dom. Rep
6.50 kg

Avocado, Hass
6.98 kg

Bananas Fair Trade
Dom. Rep.
2.28 kg
Mango Spain
4.20 kg
Clementine, Nadorcott Spain
3.78 kg

Oranges, Navelinas Sp
Oranges, Blood Sp
Oranges, Seville Sp
2.18 kg
2.48 kg
2.58 kg
Dates Mazafati Iran
Dates Medjool USA
3.98 EA
18.90 kg

Pears, all Spain/Italy
4.38 kg
Grapefruit Spain

2.98 kg
Pineapple Costa Rica
3.38 EA
Grapes SA

6.90 kg

Kiwi, Green Italy
3.58 kg

Kum/Limequat, Italy
9.00 kg
Quince Spain

3.98 kg

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