Friday, December 1, 2017

Veg Box News - 5th - 8th December, 2017

Well, Winter seems to have arrived this week.  It rather goes against the grain for us but we’ve actually had the shop door closed the past few days so that it’s slightly more comfortable for staff and customers!  So don’t be put off if you come over and the door’s shut – we are open!

Here are next week’s box lists and then a few details about Christmas arrangements…


Potatoes 1kg
Carrots 600g
Onions 500g
Leeks 600g
January King or Savoy Cabbage
Parsnips 600g

B’s will get Fennel instead of potatoes
D’s will get a further 800g Potatoes and 400g Brussels Sprouts
E’s will get the Fennel and some Peppers
L’s and M’s will get those additions and also a lettuce.


Apples 600g
Bananas 600g
Oranges 600g
Grapefruit x 1
Clementines 500g
Avocados 250g

Q’s will also get a portion of Grapes

As I mentioned last week vegetable deliveries will be as normal in the week prior to Christmas.  There will be no delivery in the week between Christmas and New Year.  It is also possible that we may not be able to source enough vegetables to make boxes on the first Tuesday in January but we’ll let you know!

Some customers have already been asking us what might be in the box the week before Christmas.  Generally we like to make sure you receive your basic Christmas goodies.  So the standard box will contain
1kg Good roasting potatoes – probably Arran Victory or Maris Piper (of course subject to availability)
Carrots 600g
Onions 500g
Red Cabbage

It is at this stage impossible to predict what additions the larger boxes will have but there will probably be Lettuces involved…

If you are going away over the Christmas period don’t forget to let us know in plenty of time.  Alternatively you may wish to augment your order with some extra veg.  It would be helpful if we can have your order as early as possible.  You are welcome to email us – our address is

Please resist the temptation to reply to any Direct Debit notices you might receive – replies to these tend to get filtered out by our system and we would hate to miss a message from you.  Do make sure you have put your name, address and delivery day in the email too – this makes it much easier for us to make sure you get what you ordered (rather than your namesake on another round!)

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