Saturday, November 11, 2017

Veg Box News 14 - 17th November, 2017

Just a bare bones Veg Box News…
We will soon be publishing our plans for Chr… sorry… *whispers* the midwinter season around the 25th December.  We would like to draw your attention to our a la carte service if you need any extras.  We can put up boxes to order either to come alongside your delivery in the run up to the …ahem… or for you to pop in and collect over the weekend just prior.  So while you’re planning your menus make a list of the extras we can bring and save all that stressful queueueueing!

Here are the lists for next week’s boxes!


Potatoes 1kg
Carrots 600g
Onions 500g
Broccoli 400g
Cavolo Nero

B’s will get a Red Pepper in place of the potatoes
D’s will get an additional 800g Potatoes and a portion of Squash
E’s will get the Squash and a Red and Green Pepper
L’s and M’s will get a Salad Pack from Sheffield Organic Growers as well as the other additions


Apple 600g
Orange 600g
Bananas 600g
Persimmon x 2

Q’s will also get a portion of Clementines 600g

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