Monday, September 25, 2017

Veg Box News: 19th - 22nd September, 2017

Cavolo Nero, or Black Kale,
great as a side vegetable or in a Bean Stew
Try Caldo Verde
or Cavolo Nero, Potato and White Bean Soup
Well the mornings are turning quite nippy now and with Golden Nugget Squash and Cavolo Nero appearing in the boxes this week, things are beginning to feel a little more Autumny.

Here are the lists for next week.  All produce in the Standard Boxes is UK grown so  G's will be the same as A's and B's.


·        Potatoes 1kg
·        Onions 500g
·        Carrots 600g
·        Fennel
·        Golden Nugget Squash
·        A Bag of Cavolo Nero or Curly Kale (which is coming from Sheffield Organic Growers and will depend on which is best to cut next week)
·        Tomatoes 500g

B’s will get a Cucumber in place of the potatoes
D’s will get a further 800g Potatoes and EITHER a Bag of Pak Choi on Tuesday and Wednesday OR a pot of Mushrooms on Thursday and Friday.
E’s will also receive Pak Choi or Mushrooms and also a Cauliflower but they won’t be receiving the Cucumbers this week
L’s and M’s will have the above additions and will also receive a Lettuce

Golden Nugget Squash

Golden Nugget squash can be prepared with or without its skin, but the skin should be removed prior to eating. It can be baked whole or halved, or cubed and then roasted, steamed, boiled, and sautéed.

Here's a simple recipe to try from : Roasted golden nugget squash

Cooked squash can be pureed and added to risotto, soup or curries. Cooked squash can be added to casseroles, pies, tacos, salads, pasta dishes and chili. Its petite size is perfect for stuffed and baked squash applications when filled with grains, vegetables, and cheeses. Its flavour marries well with cinnamon, nutmeg, curry, sage, chard, kale, parsley, coriander, bell pepper, apple, pear, quinoa, rice, maple syrup, toasted pecans, butter, cream, melting and hard cheeses, and balsamic vinegar. Gold Nugget squash will keep in cool, dry storage for one to two months.


·        Bananas 600g
·        Apples 600g
·        A Punnet of Red Grapes
·        Kiwis 500g
·        Limes x 2

Q’s will also get some Oranges

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